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Flashfix Spray (IA-499)

Flashfix Hi-Tack Adhesive is used by high production printers to hold the garment in place on the platen. This allows for  accurate registration and precision printing.


12 cans in a box


Low odour high-tack. Heat-resistant, fast drying and long-lasting adhesive. Coarse atomised spray pattern maximises control and minimises overspray.

Can be used with all types of fabric.

Specifically designed to meet the demands of flash curing.


Can be easily cleaned up with ZT639 Screen Wash or Actisol Superjet Screen Spray.


Can be used for mounting showcards, prints and photographs. As a general adhesive for card, many papers and most plastics.



  • Shake well before use. Spray the Hi-Tack Adhesive approximately 30cm from the platen to allow an even cover on the platen.

Flashfix Spray (IA-499)

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