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Dip Tank

Screen Printing Dip Tank is made of polypropylene and holds up to 4 standard size screens 23 x 31”. It comes standard with a screen hold down and a lid to minimize solvent evaporation when the system is not in use. A great solution for increasing screen production. Custom sizes available.


Screen Dip Tank Features

• Robust polypropylene construction
• 4 x standard-size-screen capacity (23 x 31”) – custom sizes available
• Comes with screen hold down, support rings and lid
• Spigot for easy draining


We recommend using PSS concentrate stencil stripper, perfect for Dip Tank use. PSS concentrate is water-soluble and provides good mechanical and chemical decoating of most types of stencils with solvent based/conventional and textile inks.


Dip tank filling

• Depending on the size of your dip tank you will need to calculate the volume needed for the correct ratio of PSS concentrate stencil stripper 1-15 to 1-25 dilution is generally the norm for most screen emulsions.
• Add required amount of stencil stripper to the dip tank and then carefully fill to the level needed to cover the stencil.
• You can top up with PSS concentrate as the chemical becomes weaker over time area.


Email or phone 0161 442 6555 for a quotation.

Dip Tank

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