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AS Safewash

SISS AS Safewash shares some similarity with SISS KC Safewash – non hydrocarbon emulsifiable screen washes with a low COD and VOC.


SISS AS Safewash  has been formulated to produce less foam that KC Safewash – this allows SISS AS Safewash to be suitable for both for automatic  and manual cleaning. 


These products can be used to remove most types of ink (textile, graphic and industrial) prior to stencil reclamation.  If used with Haze removers they can assist in removing ink stains and ghost images.  SISS emulsifiable screen washes can be washed off with water.


How to Use

  • Use a brush or clean soft absorbent screen wipe to apply Safewash to both sides of the screen. For best results ensure that there is no water on the screen prior to applying the Safewash.
  • Brush or wipe both sides of the screen until all ink residues are soft – you might need to leave the screen for a few minutes to ensure maximum cleaning effect
  • Rinse down both sides with main water pressure – ensure that all of the ink and screen wash have been washed off.
  • The screen is now ready to be reclaimed – use SISS PSS stencil remover concentrate or PPS Strip Crystals for best results.
  • Use SISS KC Haze Remover or Premier Stain Cleaner 606 to return the mesh to pristine condition.


Available In 5, 25 and 205 Litre containers.

AS Safewash

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