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Actisol Spray (ARG13)

Actisol Superjet is a fluorocarbon-free aerosol spray designed to re-open screens after short breaks or whenever dried ink films clog the screen. 


12 cans in a box.


Actisol has the following advantages:

• Minimum stoppage time, no need to wash up.

• Suitable for all photostencils and water soluble cut stencils.

• Powerful spray - suitable for large format presses.

• Usable with all Sericol and most other solvent-based screen inks.


Clogged areas of mesh may be sprayed from a distance of up to 1m. Printing can then continue using spoilt sheets until the mesh opens and the run can proceed normally. Although suitable for use with most solvent-based screen inks, it will not completely re-dissolve hard films of ink. Actisol Superjet is not recommended for use with stencils attacked by lacquer type solvents.

Actisol Spray (ARG13)

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