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Union Mixopake vs Union Maxopake

Union Maxopake and Mixopake are two different lines of inks offered by Union Ink, a renowned manufacturer of screen printing inks. While both inks are designed for screen printing applications, there are some differences between Union Maxopake and Mixopake that make each product unique.

  1. Union Maxopake Ink: Union Maxopake Ink is known for its rich, opaque pigments that deliver vibrant and intense colors. It offers excellent coverage and opacity on a variety of substrates, including both dark and light-colored materials. Maxopake Ink is designed to maintain its color and integrity over time, with exceptional durability against washing and wear. It provides long-lasting prints that remain vibrant even after numerous wash cycles. This ink has a smooth and creamy consistency, ensuring easy application and precise printing. It is also eco-friendly, complying with industry standards for a safer and sustainable printing experience.

  2. Union Mixopake Ink: Union Mixopake Ink, on the other hand, offers a different set of features. Mixopake Ink is formulated with a combination of opaque and transparent pigments, resulting in a unique semi-opaque finish. This ink is ideal for achieving subtle and nuanced color effects, allowing for more creative possibilities in screen printing. Mixopake Ink provides good coverage while still allowing some underlying color or texture to show through. It is suitable for various substrates and offers excellent print quality and durability.

In summary, Union Maxopake Ink is known for its rich, opaque pigments and vibrant colors with excellent coverage and durability, making it ideal for intense and long-lasting prints. Union Mixopake Ink, on the other hand, offers a semi-opaque finish that allows for subtle and nuanced color effects, providing more creative options in screen printing. Both inks offer high-quality results, but the choice between Union Maxopake and Mixopake depends on the specific desired outcome and the creative vision of the screen printer.

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