Our Partners


We are the leading distributor in the UK for Sericol Fujifilm range of Graphic, Industrial, Packaging, Textile inks, Speciality Chemicals and Emulsions. We have worked with Sericol for over 16 years.

For more information  http://fujifilmsericol.in/screen-ink/


We resell popular MacDermid Autotype products including Autosol emulsions, Capillary Films (Capillex) and Specialist Chemicals.

For more information http://autotype.macdermid.com/



Well known for the Rutland and Union Ink textiles ink, Rutland has lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of Plastisol Inks and offers many innovative products.

For more information http://www.rutlandinc.com/


Magna Colours

We are the UK distributors for Magna Colours range of waterbased inks suitable for large commercial, mid-size and small printers including the unique Discharge ULF Ultra range of inks which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil Association Approved.  Magna Colours are well known for driving developments of waterbased inks to meet the highest environmental standards.

For more information  http://www.magnacolours.com/


We are the UK distributors for Chromaline products which include the well-known ranges of Diazo, Dual Cure and Photopolymer emulsions.  We also stock Chromaline Accuart positive film and capillary films including the easy to use Phat films for creating high build stencils.

For more information https://www.chromaline.com/



We sell the Exile range of Direct To Screen Systems (DTS) including the Spyder II and the amazing FREEStyler DTS system which can also act as a DTG printer.  We also sell the Exile range of image setters and consumables.

For more information http://www.exiletech.co.uk/EXILE_Technologies/HOME.html


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